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Indian Healthcare System by 2025

The Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach a size of 50 billion by 2025.

What is going to drive the medical sector forward is growing events of everyday life Sicknesses, a shift in disease burden, changes in preferences, a growing middle-class public with increasing demand for reasonable healthcare delivery systems, an increase in health insurance, medical support, infrastructure development, and policy support and incentives.

The recent pandemic has provided further momentum by transforming the scenario of doing business in the medical sector. It has opened massive opportunities for the healthcare sector, especially in niche areas like teleconsultation and remote healthcare management.

“About 80% of the healthcare system aims to increase investment in digital healthcare tools in the coming five years”

The Indian government has undertaken structural and sustained reforms to strengthen the healthcare sector and announced conducive policies for encouraging FDI, he said.

Addressing the 14th Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Global MedTech Summit titled “Seizing the Global Opportunity”, the Science and Technology Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh has said that the Healthcare sector in India is expected to reach a size of 50 billion dollars by 2025.

Not just that India aims to achieve 10 to 12 percent of the global market share of the Medical Devices Sector. India is already working towards establishing a global footprint by becoming the manufacturing hub and key exporter of medical devices worldwide

Apart from that, the “eSanjeevani”, a Health Ministry's flagship, has enabled virtual doctor consultations, and Telemedicine is set to reach $5.5 billion by 2025.

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