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Benefits of having Regular Health Check-Ups

We are currently living in a world where the average lifespan is reducing and the number of diseases is increasing comparatively. This is the main reason why Doctors at the current time are advising to get regular health checkups.

Before we dive into why we need regular health check-ups, let's first explore who actually is in real need of having it.

In the general studies, it is seen that the working people between 30 to 60 years of age are comparatively at high risk of catching lifestyle diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle changes, hereditary health diseases, and lack of sleep can cause many health problems ranging from minor to severe concerns. Getting a full-body check-up that includes tests for diabetes, cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and heart disease can save you extra bucks in the long run.

Even healthy individuals are advised to get regular health checkups at least once a year, your doctor might even take a more selective approach to this rather than recommending a full body health check-up.

Now let's look at the benefits of having regular health checkups:

Prevent health issues – for instance, if you do a routine check-up of sugar and cholesterol, you will know how likely you are to get diabetes/ cholesterol in the future. This is because, if you are at the borderline, doctors advise you to control your sugar intake. Hence, you can have control over your health.

Lower health care costs – A regular health check-up can save your money in the long run. Also, preventive health check-ups can reduce the risk of undergoing surgeries and other chronic medical conditions.

Eliminates further growth of disease - cancer is a disease that if you identify it later, it can be hard to diagnose. Doing a regular body check-up can help doctors diagnose a disease before it poses a high risk.

Reduces the risk of complication during treatment – once you are diagnosed with a health condition at an early stage, the complexity and risk involved are less when compared to diagnosing at a very late stage. A regular check-up can help in recovering your body from any health concerns.

Increases life span – by doing a regular check-up of your body and health, you can be assured of how healthy you are. Taking preventive advice from the doctor and following the doctor's prescriptions can increase your lifespan as well.

Check-ups could be quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, but the consensus is that the older you get, being vigilant about the check-ups is important. Regular check-ups with specific tests can vary depending on age, gender, family history, and overall health. Many of us, including our previous generation, hesitate to do routine medical check-ups. But through a preventive health check-up, you realize that you are healthy, which in turn offers peace of mind. A preventive health checkup is a series of medical tests undertaken to understand measures needed for disease prevention. Preventive healthcare can detect certain behaviors, habits, infections, and medical problems before they become advanced or crucial. It helps keep diseases at bay.

With Shreeji Healthcare Consultancy by your side, regular health checks will never be an issue. We provide the following types of regular health check-up packages:

  • Annual health check-up.
  • Corporate health check-up.
  • Pre-employment check-up.
  • Pre-operative medical check-up.
  • Check-up for women's health.
  • Senior citizen check-up.
  • Diabetes check-up.
  • Cancer check-up.

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