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Have you ever heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”? He definitely got it to spot on. Nowadays many organizations are starting to understand & support this idea enough to consider corporate training an essential part of a company's investment & growth strategy.

Let’s look at some of the issues that concern everyone who is getting started with corporate training and wants to achieve perfect results.

What did we mean by the concept “Corporate Training”?

Corporate training, also sometimes termed as "Workplace Learning" is a System of activities designed to educate employees within the Corporate Environment. The objective of corporate training is to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees, thereby improving their performance and job satisfaction. It is beneficial for both employers and employees.

Who is responsible for “Corporate Trainings”?

If we talk about smaller companies this responsibility lies with the Human Resources Department, while in larger organizations this responsibility is taken by Specialized Talent Teams. They are entrusted with identifying the needs of the training programs and making them available for the workforce.

A Quick Fact!

A study conducted by LinkedIn found that 94% of the employees expressed their desire to work for a company that invested in corporate learning and development programs.

Perks of having a Corporate Training

  • Increased efficiency: Systematically & well designed training programs can make your workforce more productive and efficient which in-turn makes your company profitable in the long run.
  • Increased motivation: It helps motivate individuals, teams, and departments to unite as a single organizational structure by making them realise how their job role supports the overall mission and goals of their company.
  • Reduced employee turnover: Employee’s job hop can be expensive for employers costing at least one-half of an employee’s annual salary. Corporate Training helps reduce employee turnover by keeping them engaged & productive.
  • Building corporate culture: Arranging Corporate Training shows that a company is willing to invest in it’s staff which clearly sends the message to employees that they matter to the company. It helps align corporate values and strategy.

Types of Corporate Training Programs

Onboarding and Orientation Training

Generally this part of Training is conducted for newly hired employees, and mostly scheduled immediately after their joining process. The main aim for this kind of training is to help streamline new employees with the company's culture and working process. It makes them feel connected & comfortable with the new office culture.

Compliance training

This kind of training is most of the time mandatory in nature for companies. This is a kind of formal training which mainly focuses on company specific policies & rules, which enable employees and employers to prevent both problems in the workplace and violations of the law.

Hard Skills Training

This type of training covers development & improving the core skill sets of employees they need in their daily role to excel. No matter how professional your staff members are, there’s always room for improvement & Hard Skills Training helps in that.

Soft skills training

Employee’s core skill sets are needed but how they behave in company culture is also important, that’s why Soft Skill Training forms an essential part of Corporate Trainings. Studies have shown that by mastering soft skills, employees can positively affect the company’s success and increase ROI.

Product knowledge training

Through Knowledge of Company’s Services & Products is essential to confidently communicate with the customers. It is conducted for the employees who are in the core team or who need to interact with the customer, it is sometimes conducted when a new feature or a new product is introduced so that the staff is always up to date.

How to Organize Corporate Training

The best corporate training meets the learner at their point of need. Corporate learning should be available on demand and delivered in a variety of ways.

Well this is exactly where we come into picture, Our professionals can help you set up the best corporate training which meets your employee’s needs.
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