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Importance of Effective Clinical Operation Optimization

“What is Operation Management?
Operations management” concerns the planning and organizing of the administrative, financial and operational processes of a company to better direct and utilize internal resources.”

The optimization of Operations is required for any organization in any industry. And when it comes to the healthcare industry where the people’s lives are at stake, it becomes a necessity rather than just a need. Effective healthcare clinical operations management goes beyond just improving productivity, it strategies and facilitates the efficient provision and delivery of health care services to patients and communities to ultimately save and improve lives.

After such optimization, the most improved facilities have been able to achieve and sustain 5-10% improvements in their operating costs: 1-3% from productivity gains resulting from greater operational efficiency; another 3-4% through clinical standardization; and an additional 1-3% through the process and decision-support changes related to supply choice and utilization. In addition, greater efficiency and liberated capacity enabled the facilities to increase both volume and stakeholder satisfaction.

Why does health care operations management matter?

In health care practices and facilities, operations management is responsible for facility oversight, staff functionality, and delivery of the best care possible.

"What are health care operations?
Health care operations include the administrative, financial, and legal activities of a hospital, specialty practice, ancillary care provider, or remote health service center. Health care professionals need to get a handle on operations because, at minimum, they enable running the business.”

Some examples of health care operations include patient case management, coordination of care within and without practice, financial management, and medical practice human resources.

Benefit from operations management

Health care operations take a variety of forms. As mentioned above, health care operations span the spectrum of administration to care delivery. Below are example areas that benefit from operations management.

Effective Clinical Care Management The health care industry is a service industry, so it makes sense when organizations make a concerted effort to standardize protocol to improve performance. Improving clinical care management can result in reduced readmissions and improved patient-provider relationships.

Help Reduce Risks with Risk Management Medical practices improve when providers mitigate and optimally manage risk. Examples of risk in a health care setting range from patient or staff injuries to ballooning costs of expensive services. Hospitals can leverage predictive analytics technology to cut down on extravagant or extraneous costs while striving for improved patient satisfaction.

Effective Financial management Health care operations management deals with reducing and optimizing costs in a medical organization. Medical practices and hospitals have many issues controlling costs. Cost issues can come from unnecessary treatments or medication prescriptions, treating uninsured patients, or budget reductions that directly impact the technology, equipment, and salary resources of medical staff.

Achieving “Operational excellence” “Operational excellence” is a term that comes up when you talk about effective and efficient health care operations."
Clinical operational excellence generally starts at the top (for instance, with demands from stakeholders), but depends on the mindset and behaviors of staff at every organizational level. When practices, hospitals, and clinics achieve operational excellence, any change in process can result in increased operational efficiency, reduction of clinical variability, and maintained or even improved care quality. That means facilities and medical professionals can keep up with industry and technological trends, ensuring modernized practices that can provide the best care for patients, regardless of diagnosis, medical needs, or the availability of clinical services.

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