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Perks of ROHINI Registration For Hospital & Medical Institutes

What is ROHINI?

What does ROHINI stand for? ROHINI stands for “Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance”.

ROHINI serves as a registry for unique hospitals in the Health Insurers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) network, in India. ROHINI was developed by the Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) in the year 2007 and is promoted by Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). This registry now consists of approximately 33,000 unique hospitals, which are being updated periodically.

The current state of list has been achieved after an extensive exercise of automated as well as manual de-duplication undertaken by IIB. Future goal for this registry is to evolve as a one stop source of all information related to Health Insurance, Hospitals and beyond, for the insurers, medical services providers, customers and regulators.

The main aim of the Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) was to launch the Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance (ROHINI ) to ease inefficiencies in claim settlements. Inefficiency in claim settlements is a major problem faced by insurance companies. To start with, each registered hospital is provided with a 13 digit globally unique ID and geographical coordinates based on their address. ROHINI has been proved to be a game changer for Hospitals

Why should your Hospital have ROHINI Registration?

Completing a ROHINI registration is one of the most crucial step in getting your hospital or medical institution recognised. There are several benefits of having ROHINI Registration, having it opens up immense possibilities for your hospitals:

  • Helps in getting more Visibility & Credibility which inturn improves your Branding
  • Broadcast address or contact information can be changed in a matter of click and deliver it all stakeholders associated with them
  • Speeds up the Claims Processing
  • Will help establish electronic exchange of medical records between hospitals and insurance companies seamlessly in future

How is ROHINI a better registry?

ROHINI helps avoid duplication since every hospital will have one unique identity number. It also has a hospital self-service portal for fresh enrollment, addition/deletion, or amendment of already registered details. Also, alerts would be sent to Insurers and third-party administrators for any changes in the registry (new hospitals added, changes in the coordinates of an existing hospital, etc).

The health insurance industry in India is close to Rs 20,000 crore (including government schemes). “However, there is no credit credible registry of hospitals for the benefit of the stakeholders involved in the health insurance industry. ROHINI would be credible source of information on hospitals,”
- A Few Words of R. Raghavan (Chief Executive Officer of IIB)

Is there anything planned for ROHINI’s Future enhancements?

Future enhancements will be made to the registry with attributes like number of beds, specialization, details of doctors, classification/ categorisation of these hospitals into clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers among others, based on the feedback from the stakeholders, their evolving needs and their experience in the initial phases. Public can choose the hospitals based on their location preferences, specialities, empanelment of hospitals with insurance companies.

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