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Why You Should Outsource HR Documentation Work?

First of all, let’s start with a basic understanding of HR Documentation and its Importance.

Why Proper HR Documentation is Essential?

HR Documentation can seem like a tedious, administrative task, but having solid HR documentation is vital to your business. But you need to have good documentation for every human resources department which follows your employees from hire to retire. It's crucial to avoid problems down the road. It’s what keeps Hospital management compliant and safe from unsubstantiated lawsuits.

If we summarize in 3 points:

  • It’s the timeline of interaction between the Hospital with each employee, from the start to end of employment.
  • It’s an assurance that the Hospital complies with local employment laws and regulations.
  • It becomes the first line of defense in the event that an employee sues the Hospital for discrimination, wrongful termination, or another issue.

Several HR Documentation is needed at each step of the employment journey. If you consider just one scenario of hiring a new employee, you need to create each of the following documents as a part of onboarding paperwork before the employee can start working.

  • Offer Letter
  • Employee Agreement / Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Joining Letter
  • Joining Agreement / Job Contract

All such documents need to be compliant with the local laws and regulations which need guidance from an Expert Lawyer. Not just that, such onboarding documents need to cover points related to the Non-Disclosure Agreement between Hospital management and a joining employee. So many such scenarios make it necessary to include the HR Documentation Process every now and then during the entire employment journey.

Being of so much importance, it makes sense to involve someone Expert and Experienced who is well versed with the process while doing the HR Documentation. As a business owner or manager, there’s a lot you have to keep up with and problems arise when the documentation process becomes lengthy and cumbersome.

If you visualize all the different types of Document HR requires to create employees to fill out, submit and save, you will see a very large pile of different document formats. Outsourcing HR documentation work to create so many different kinds of documentation formats will definitely make your and your Hospital’s HR department staff’s life easier in the long run – and deliver crucial peace of mind.

Why Choose Shreeji Healthcare Consultancy?

We understand that these documents are a crucial part of your business and we want to ensure that you are able to have a high degree of confidence that your Hospital is in compliance.

We create a Personalized Legal Team for each client, which understands the Hospital's requirements and studies corresponding local laws, compliances, and regulations before proceeding to create any documentation.

While creating any documentation, we follow the best practices to ensure quality documentation. We clearly spell out Hospital expectations in any onboarding paperwork and general policies. A Hospital or employee handbook is the perfect place to keep all the policies and procedures you expect employees to follow.

We have gained lots of experience while working on various documents for various industries over the past few years. With have such a well experience track record, we can easily say that we can work on ANY DOCUMENT for ANY INDUSTRY SECTOR.

Moreover, this will increase your HR department’s staff’s efficiency to many folds as they will be focusing on their core work by leaving the tedious, lengthy boring work to us.

If we summarise why you should prefer us to outsource your HR Document Creation work, we can say we are specialized in HR documentation work from small to large Hospital management of any Industry sector.

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